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Correspondence Course Teaches Antique Savvy

By P. Verte, The Muskokan

   Knowledgeable antique dealers are frequently asked "How did you learn all the things you know about antiques?" The simple answer given by most is, "Many, many years of experience and constant never-ending study, study, study."
   During the 1960s antiques began to emerge from the part-time, side-door curio shop, to a more mainstream full-time business, incorporating dealers, pickers, and some franchised stores.
   Today antiques represent a multi-billion dollar industry supported by a variety of enterprises from the small one-owner shop to the largest metropolitan auction homes, including the latest marketing concept - the online antique mall.
   Today's collector finds himself with more leisure time to search for, and more “spendable” income to pay for, antiques and collectibles. This combination of more time and extra money naturally makes the collector want to know more about either his particular field of interest or, as is the case with most antique enthusiasts, more about antiques in general.
   Far-sighted entrepreneurs are never far behind when a need arises, and the desire for more knowledge about antiques and collectibles was no exception. Some 35 years ago correspondence courses began to appear, and offered for those fostering the dream of one day being a part of the antique marketplace, an opportunity to study antiques in a proper comprehensive manner.
   As with any other area of correspondence study, one must be self-disciplined enough to follow through and complete the prescribed home study in a timely manner for it to be effective.
   And, like all education, the information and knowledge gained must be applied in the "real world" and used on a regular basis. To read about Georgian furniture for example but never to go to a museum or other exhibit and personally examine the exquisite craftsmanship cannot possibly make one an expert on the subject.
   Today's business world actually offers many opportunities undreamed of a generation ago. Not only well-paid jobs with long-established firms, but also interesting professions away from the normal routine, and antiques is one of those professions.
   For those wishing to pursue home-study training in antiques for either professional or personal use there are courses available from various sources. Individuals considering the
possibility of home-study should investigate the material offered by the company and satisfy themselves that it will meet their needs.
   One such company offering a complete and thorough home-study training program in antiques is the Asheford Institute of Antiques. For a free information package concerning their course, you can write to them at 131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200, Dept. 124, Toronto, Ontario M5A 1RS, or if you wish to write them in the U.S. they can be reached at 981 Harbor Blvd. Ste. 3, Dept. 275, Destin, Florida 32541. (Tel. 877 444-4508)
   I have included with this article a condensed outline of subjects covered in the Asheford Institute of Antiques course. Some of the titles include:
Furniture Periods, Types of Classical Styles, Care and Restoration of Antiques, Tools and Materials, Finishing Materials, How the Antique Business Works, Houses and Restorations, Victorian Furniture and Early American Furniture, History of Styles, How to Sell Antiques, Rough and Smooth Styles, Pricing, Catalogues, Consignment Pricing, Hardware, How to Remove Old Paint and Varnish, Decorating with Stencils, Repairing Springs and Recovering Furniture, Curtain Styles and Fabrics, Rugs and Wallpapers, How to Create New Finishes (this is only a very partial list).
   I think it is worth mentioning in closing that upon the successful completion of the training program the student is awarded a diploma and a full certification in professional appraising. So, if you have the necessary interest and time, it might be worth a try.
See you next week.

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